We are a small, independent brewery situated inside Polly's old horse stable in Mold, North Wales. We like to focus on fresh, seasonal hoppy beers; Pales, IPAs, fresh Stouts and modern Saisons in both can and keg.

We launched in early 2018 with a passion to make the best, freshest beer we possibly can, constantly improving with every we beer we produce. Our current brew length sits at just 11 hectolitres.

While we focus most of our efforts on brewing seasonal beer, we're also developing a range of 'house' seasonal beers. 


Our brew house currently resides inside Polly's old stable. Polly was Sean's old family horse and holds a major stake in our brewery name.  The term 'Loka' relates to another previous use of the building; In between being a horse dwelling and outfitting a small craft brewery, the building housed a small design studio that Sean's brother established under the brand 'Loka Island'. Needless to say, Polly doesn't reside here anymore nor does Loka Island longer exist. Hola Loka Polly!

We have intentions on seriously increasing our brew length and brewery capacity. Along with a much bigger capacity, we also intentions on establishing a wood-ageing program for our Saisons and high-gravity Stouts of the future. For the time being, we'll keep pushing our little 11 hectolitre kit to it's absolute maximum until we are ready to make our next steps. You now know at least, what we're really all about. 



We will soon be able to sell our beer direct from the brewery via Eebria, an online commerce store routing breweries to the public. We will have a dedicated page on our website and you'll have brewery fresh beer delivered direct to you, fresh from our 3 degrees C cold store. 

Due to the nature of our premises, we do not allow public access to the brewery at any times unless specific arrangements are made.